5 Things To Remember When Considering Divorce

1. Set aside a time and place to tell your kids

After you have decided to divorce or separate, tell your kids before you act on it. Both of you should be present and plan what you will say to all of your kids at one time.

2. Prepare to answer your kids’ concerns

Children will have many questions about living arrangements, holidays, school, activities, new parents, pets, and friends.  Know ahead of time what some of these questions might be and have your response ready. You can help ease your children’s anxiety by giving them answers to their questions.

3. Keep in touch with grandparents

Grandparents can offer your children a form of support and stability that has been proven to be a major factor in helping children cope with the effects of divorce. Keep grandparents in the loop and ask them for their help during this difficult time.

4. Have a comfortable space for kids in each of your homes

Have some familiar items in a bedroom in each home to offer kids comfort and security. Also, have a space for older kids to place their school books, athletic gear, or musical instruments.

5. Remember marriage counseling can help you avoid divorcing and help you rebuild your marriage.