Coping With Divorce Or Separation?

Take care of yourself

The way parents handle the stress of a divorce greatly influences their kid’s way of coping with it. Your child will be paying attention to how you cope with your divorce, so eat right and exercise, find a support group, and get counseling. You will be able to take better care of your child if you take better care of yourself.

Prepare for your child’s reaction

Every child reacts differently to a divorce, but they are all impacted in some way emotionally.  Do your research and seek counsel about the effects of divorce on children. Be aware that you may not predict your child’s reaction.

Stay civil with your ex-spouse

Try your best not to argue in front of your kids or talk bad about your ex. This only makes things more stressful for kids because, no matter how you feel about each other, you are both their parents. Just state the facts when talking about the other parent to the kids and leave your own opinions out of it.

Remember marriage counseling can help you avoid divorcing and help you rebuild your marriage