Changes Newlywed Couples Face

The first year of marriage is huge for any couple for many reasons; even if that couple has lived together for some time. Marriage is different than dating or living together. 

Research has shown that marriage is a developmental process that involves change, adjustment, and growth.  Below are some of the findings from research on just how difficult it is to be newly married:

51% reported that the number of arguments they both had with their mate changed after the wedding. 

52% reported that their tendency to be critical of their mate changed. 

54% reported feelings of self-confidence changed after marriage. 

42% reported that they found marriage to be harder than they expected. 

47% reported that their own family changed after marriage.

58% reported that their attitude towards work changed.

The first year is  a year of learning, sharing and adapting. Theses changes make the "Honeymoon" period, Hell on Earth for most couples. Remember, marriage counseling can help with a competent marriage counselor.

Many couples get help 6 years after they need it.  Most divorces occur after 7 years of marriage. 

Don't wait to get the help for your marriage that you need.