The Non-Foodie’s Guide To Good Date Night Restaurants In OKC

The Non-Foodie’s Guide To Good Date Night Restaurants In OKC.png

Getting out as a couple is so important.  No one understands that better than a marriage counselor.  When Brad and I were pre-kids I found myself complaining about our default habit of dinner and a movie.  But now that we have a toddler I am ecstatic about getting away to the typical dinner and a movie.  We’re not really foodies so we find ourselves getting stuck in the same restaurant cycle.  We know many of you get stuck like that too…so this list is for you and us too!  

Our favorite place by far is a chain called Zoe’s Mediterranean.  I’m embarrassed to admit that we used to go there every. single. day…no joke.  But now we go after church on Sunday because we like the predictability of it.  It’s nice to be “the regulars”.  And the booths and atmosphere is toddler friendly which is incredibly important these days.

At Marriage Solutions we want to inspire couples to work on their marriage and part of that is getting out and trying new and different things together.  If we could put ourselves out of business because no one needed us, we would.  We’d prefer that no one needed us for marriage counseling at all…but alas, here we are!    

It’s important to spice things up so we’ve assembled the interesting, the unique, and the tasty options for foodies and non-foodies alike for couples living in Oklahoma City or visiting the city for fun…or therapy because we have a marriage counseling office at 1800 N. Shartel Avenue.  Brad and I live in Tulsa but we love to take a trip to OKC to visit the museums and visit our office down in the Heritage Hills district.

So we have 2 lists for you…the first list, we will cover in this post, is for couples who want a good recommendation for a restaurant that’s more inside the box.  Maybe you’re like us and you’re not foodies.  Maybe trying a restaurant that is too unique is intimating.  If that’s you then this list is our “safe list”.

The second list we include interesting and sort of “out of the box” restaurants.  You can find that post HERE.  These are more for when you feel adventurous and you want to try something more different and unique.  


IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: We suggest with any options you choose…drive by the location and really plan it before you set up an important date.  If it’s an anniversary make sure to call in advance and drive the route you will take for the date so you can be a little more spontaneous the night of.  

Drive it during the time of the date.  If you see that the streets are a little sketchy or dark at night then don’t plan to park and walk.  But some locations are really well lite…like Bricktown usually is…so you can plan to park and walk wherever you go.  In a case where you plan a walking portion make sure to let your date know that they will want to wear comfortable shoes to ensure they have a great time without the blisters.  

Check the weather too.  You don’t want to get caught in a downpour.  Have a back up plan just in case bad weather happens.  These details are important whether you’re not married or you’ve been married 20+ years.  Taking care of the details sends the message that you really care about your partner.  The little things add up to a big BIG difference.  Doing these little things when the issues in your relationship aren’t big will help keep the problems at a minimum.  

Cheever’s Cafe

Is one of the best rated restaurants out of more than 1,400 in Oklahoma City. They have American, international, and vegan options.  They appear to be more of a relaxed environment frequented by business professionals.  It seems more like a place to get a nice lunch before you go to The Art Hall or to catch an event at the Tower Theatre which are both close by.  They are open until 10:30PM on the weekends for those who don’t have a babysitter to rush home to relieve of duty.  This one requires reservations which you can easily do on their website.  Visit them online at  

Red Rock Canyon Grill

Have dinner and share a beautiful view of Lake Hefner with your mate.  I believe this chain is also in Tulsa near Riverside as well.  Tell them we said to try their “persimmon hill meatloaf.”  Sometimes Redrock has live music and can be really a lively place for couples to connect.  Check them out online at

Paseo Grill

This restaurant has a reputation for being the place to go for anniversaries. They have a great ambiance that enhances the romantic mood because you have your own table behind a curtain. If you let the manager know it's your anniversary you’ll get complimentary champagne and deserts on the house, which I love!  This is another place you’ll need to make a reservation in advance.  Visit them online at

Ted’s Cafe Escondido

If you like Mexican food then you need to give this Ted’s a chance. The best thing about Ted’s are the tortillas, the fajitas, and the queso.  Ted’s is another chain so not every Ted’s is a hit.  But this one has great reviews.  It has a kid friendly atmosphere…so feel free to bring the little ones.  I would suggest this restaurant if you are wanting to try something different and maybe you have a last minute relative who is willing to watch junior why you get out for a dinner and movie.  The wait staff is usually really professional and great.  Visit them online at

Charleston’s Restaurant 

This is a chain that offers a warm intimate environment.  When you go you should try the caesar salad and the blackened fish.  Another popular item is the shrimp carrot. There are three locations in Oklahoma City and one in Edmond so you can find one near most of the action.  The one near Bricktown could be a great stop on your way to many of the Bricktown events or even a baseball game.  Visit them online at

Red Prime Steak 

Red’s is a 107 year old completely restored restaurant situated in Automobile Alley. This place is fine-dining with a hip urban style.  It’s great for a special occasion.  If you choose this place for dinner then you could pop on over to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum.  It’s just a 9 minute walk…so if you’re lady isn’t wearing heals it could possibly be an okay walk.  You’ll really love their beef tenderloin tamale with a glass of wine. Also try their 7-oz Filet with brandy mushroom sauce.  Visit them online and book your reservation at

Iron Star Urban Barbecue

Yes, its barbecue, but its good barbecue. It’s more of a casual place but you still need a reservation.  It’s not far from our Marriage Solutions OKC office!  When you visit you’ll have to try their smoked turkey and baked beans or the St. Louis style ribs. You want find anything better in the city. Visit them online at

Hideaway Pizza

Pizza probably isn’t what you think of when you think of going out for dinner for your date night, but you probably haven’t considered Hideaway pizza. Try their fried mushrooms as an appetizer and Big Country pizza, you won’t be disappointed. Visit them online at

Kitchen No. 324

They have the best bacon in OKC.  Enough said!  This place has a kids menu and a bakery which is fun.  They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.  You can order online to go or make a table reservation.  Visit them online at

Shorty Smalls

Shorty’s is a little American style chain that can be a lot of fun.  Try the turkey club and the chicken fried steak, you’ll discover they are both winners. Visit them online at

Okay, I hope you found this “safe list” helpful.  Remember, it’s the thought that really matters the most.  So consider your partner’s interests and combine a good dinner with something special like dancing, mini-golf, or a unique movie experience.  For those of us who do not have  a complicated palette one of these restaurants may be the perfect fit.

Also, consider couples therapy.  If you’re struggling with good communication, trust, or intimacy visiting with us is a great way to ensure your date nights are really wonderful…and not a nightmare.  Give us a call at 405-237-9697 or 918-281-6060.