Why A Museum Date in Oklahoma City Is A Great Way To Spice Up Your Relationship

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Trying new and different things is an important way to keep a relationship fresh.  It’s easy to find ourselves doing the same things over and over for entertainment.  When working with couples in marriage counseling, I often suggest doing new and different things to help the feelings of romantic love return.  Our couples in Oklahoma have some fun hotspots to explore in what we call museum row in Oklahoma City.  

You know what they say…a couple that explores together stays together…or at least having fun together scores big points in the romance realm.

Museums can be a novel way to spend time indoors during less than ideal weather.  When  you see something interesting it gives you an excuse to sit really close to read the tiny placard.  And if you have loud little people always around, many of the museums are incredibly quiet, which is a wonderful break from our crazy busy lives.  

Some of these museums might not be inline with your interests, but that’s why it’s important to go, doing new, and different things helps a romantic connection grow. You never know what will inspire you or if you’ll learn something new about your partner.  You never know what might trigger a good memory or even cause a conversation.  However you feel about the museum will spark a conversation.

So if you aren’t into military history it might actually be good for you to go, scientific research shows that when we do new and different things with our mate it increases the romantic feelings between us. There are some museums I’m leaving out of this list because I’ve already included them in our fun things to do list. 

1. Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

Imagine you and your love walk into this beautiful museum.  Together you look up at this gigantic beautiful stuffed beast and realize how small your problems really are…he’s extinct…but you still have time LOL!  All kidding (sort of kidding) aside….This museum is in Norman, not OKC, but it makes the top our of list because it’s got DINOSAUR BONES!  Come on it doesn’t get more awesome than that! The museum is housed at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) and you can visit them online at samnoblemuseum.ou.edu

2. Oklahoma Science Museum...Formerly Known As The Omniplex

This is one of the coolest museums Oklahoma has to offer.  It is known for being an awesome place to bring your kids for an amazing day of fun.  But adults can have fun there too.  In fact they have fun adult only parties to join in on.  There is so much you can do here it would literally take days to explore.  This museum is one you CANNOT miss!  Bring the kids…or don’t…either way you’ll reconnect with the kid inside you for a ton of hands on fun.  Get lost with your sweetheart in the mirror maze and talk about the funnest parts of your adventure over lunch at Pavlov’s diner.  Learn more online: https://www.sciencemuseumok.org/

3. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum  

Whether you’re a OSU Cowboys fan or not…this museum is actually really cool.  Built in 1955 this museum has become world class in its collection of artwork. They’ve got more than 200,000 square feet and over 28,000 western and American Indian art works and artifacts. Morgan found this one to be a lot more exciting than she anticipated (being an OU grad and all).  The beautiful artwork and animated display of all the great Cowfolk of the midwest definitely keeps your interest. It offers several great opportunities to get close and fun conversation starters as well.  Visit them online at nationalcowboymuseum.org

4. Museum of Osteology 

At first glance this one seems a little…well…strange…but we see a lot of physicians and nurses so this one is for you!  What a great way to share your passion for healing.  Imagine taking your love by the hand and sharing story after story of how incredibly intricate life is.  They’ve got skeletons of just about every living creature including different kinds of whales.  They use every inch of their museum to house hundreds of skulls an skeletons of animals from all parts of our world. Visit them online at skeletonmuseum.com/skeletons-okc.php

5. American Banjo Museum

This isn’t my kind of thing, but like I said earlier, stepping outside of the box helps spice things up.  While this would be a stretch for me, the music enthusiast would probably love it!  Did you know the banjo is native to the United States, and has inspired bluegrass and folk music?  Think about the fun and interesting conversations you could have after a trip to this museum.  I can hear Steve Martin now playing his banjo. This museum has over 300 banjos on display and its the only museum dedicated to this instrument on the planet. Visit them online at www.americanbanjomuseum.com

6. Oklahoma History Center

This seems like a pretty safe option because it covers a variety of things throughout our history.  The Museum has over 200 interactive exhibits…interactive exhibits are Morgan’s favorite because being hands on adds to the fun.  You’ll be exploring together…so you never know what kind of magic that could create!  It covers the Oklahoma Land Run, the Dust Bowl, Route 66, Native Americans, and more. Visit them online at okhistorycenter.org

7. National Softball Hall of Fame 

Are either of you a sports enthusiast?  Consider this interesting museum.  It’s free to visit and you’ll need about an hour or two to complete your tour of the museum. There are over 80,000 softball teams in the US with over 1.2 million girls playing the sport nation wide. Visit them online at teamusa.org/USA-Softball.aspx

8. Oklahoma Firefighters Museum 

There’s nothing more romantic than someone risking their lives to save us.  Someone who says, “your life matters and I will do whatever I have to keep you safe”…there’s no Danielle Steel novel that can offer up that kind of spice.  See the remains of the first Oklahoma fire station and a vast array of fire trucks on display.  If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to put your life on the line you can find out at this museum.  Visit them online at osfa.info

9. Oklahoma Railway Museum

Come on ride the train!  You can see freight cars, passenger cars, and even a real steam engine is on display.  We will definitely be bringing our two year old son to this one!  Family fun like this can mean early bedtimes and more mom and dad alone time.  So come on and tire out those littles so you can reclaim your evening!  They have trains that operate on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from April to August. Admission is free. Visit them online at oklahomarailwaymuseum.org

10. The American Pigeon Museum & Library 

A good giggle goes a long way.  Consider The museum shows how our relationship with pigeons’s have evolved over time. The museum also displays the passion humans can have to raise and nurture these special birds. Visit them online at theamericanpigeonmuseum.org

11. 99s Museum of Women Pilots

How cool is that we have a museum here in OKC dedicated to women’s aviation?  At this museum you’ll be able to walk through the history of women in flight from the easiest days to the present day.  This could even be a cool father daughter date that inspires your daughter to fly high to achieve her dreams.  Visit them online at museumofwomenpilots.org

12. Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. 

Do you both love sports?  Watch an inspiring film on the life of Jim Thorpe and see some of the greatest articles about football and college sports. They are located in Bricktown not far from the OKC Dodgers baseball field.  So grab a bite to eat at a Bricktown eatery, catch a baseball game, and meander on down to this neat museum about some of the greatest athletes in history!  Visit them online at oklahomasportshalloffame.org

Does going on a romantic date….or even attempting a romantic make your stomach curl?  Maybe you imagine a lot of fighting or arguing instead sweet sweet romance?  If that’s the case then let us help you ensure your time together is fun and not frightening.  Give us a call 405-237-9697.  We do therapy and coaching for anyone in the world…no matter where you live.