Building Resilience Through Life Transitions

Transitions in life can be so hard.  Brad and I are already talking about when we will have a second child.  I am already thinking about how my little Luke will feel about no longer being the baby.

Of course he will always be my baby…but the thought of him growing older and not being my little guy is a bit sad.  We also think about his emotional health a lot.  

We know how important it is for little guys and girls to be emotionally healthy because they take their emotional health or disfunction with them into their adult years.  Whether they are emotionally healthy or not it impacts every aspect of their lives.  

I read an article that talked about how we can teach young babies to have a sense of humor by making funny faces and laughing with them through rhymes and such.  

That sense of humor protects them mentally and emotionally and can make them a better friend, a better employee, and a better spouse.  It has to do with their ability to be resilient.

At Marriage Solutions we help couples gain or regain resilience in their relationships and in turn their families and children gain health and happiness.

I have a few ideas to help your child build resilience despite transitions and challenges in life.  

I have used these techniques with many children and adults I have worked with and I plan to do them with our little guy especially when (Lord willing) his baby brother or sister comes along and I am confident this will help you guys too.

  • Maybe you have experienced big life transitions like loss of a job, a big move, or loss of a loved one?

  • Maybe it’s a different job that’s testing your limits,

  • Maybe it’s that you’re newly married and you’re trying to get used to a new name or new life,

  • Maybe you’re new parents like we are and you’re trying to deal with the shifting of everything in your life,

  • Maybe you’ve just discovered infidelity in your relationship, 

  • Maybe you’ve been divorced and you’ve found a new love and you’re trying to figure out these feelings…

Whatever it is for you, boy, let me tell you, you are not alone.

So in today's blog, I want to share 15 ways to help your little ones through transitions, build resilience, and bring your family closer together.

  1. Develop Rituals of Celebration 

  2. Moving on By Saying Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New

  3. Using Simple Affirmations 

  4. Use Optimism To Draw Your Little One Closer to You

  5. Rituals Foster Identity (Create a family crest or read a certain book before bed)

  6. Simple Changes In Your Words Will Make Them Want to Do What You Say (i.e. instead of “Get over here dinner is getting cold” say, “I know you’re playing, but it’s dinner time, and after dinner you can continue to play”)

  7. Predictability Builds Trust (Establish a bedtime)

  8. Share Appropriate Information like “It’s bath time because bedtime is near”

  9. Listening To Them Helps Children Feel Loved and Accepted

  10. Protest is Good Because It Helps the Child Feel Safe To Share Their Opinions

  11. Protest Is Informative

  12. Listening Builds Trust

  13. Let Them Decide Sometimes

  14. Set Boundaries A Don’t Feel Guilty If You Have To Change The Activities

  15. Teach Consequences To Actions