Helping Your Spouse Win

Successful couples realize they must help their partner realize important life dreams and become effective at making each others life dreams and aspirations come true.

In short: Help each other win.

A good way to handle conflict in your marriage is working together as a team to achieve each other's life dreams. Many conflicts  in marriage are caused because life dreams are in conflict. You need to work on helping each other fulfill each life dream to create the marriage you want.

When you help your spouse win you are helping yourself win.  You are creating an environment for your family that says I care about what you care about.

You're teaching your kids that our dreams do matter and they are worth pursuing.  Some dreams may not be possible at this very moment for different reasons....but...if you think about what you really want and you do a little planning you can do just about anything you really want to do.

If your dream is to ride every roller coaster in North America but your should really not do that right now.  But that doesn't mean you can't do it between pregnancies.  

The idea is to open up your mind and consider the possibilities for your future with your spouse.  If this is difficult to do then ask yourself why it's challenging.  

Are you afraid to dream?  Are you afraid of the let down if you dream and you can't follow through?  Whatever your fears are take them to your spouse.  If you cannot do that then consider couples therapy.  We can help you not just communicate but move towards your dreams.