Creating Space for Your Spouse (It's not what you think)

Something that successful couples do that separates themselves from non successful couples is they create "Cognitive Room" for each other. Meaning they know what is going on in their partner's day to day world; they know what stresses they face, what their goals are, who they like and dislike at work, names of childhood friends etc. 

They know what is on their partner's mind everyday, and they share with each other what they are feeling and what they want. They are building a marital friendship. 

Women are usually good at this, but it is important to get the husband engaged because the more he knows about what is going on in his wife's psychological inner world the stronger their marital friendship will be. 

You need to talk for at least 20 minutes each day without any distractions.  Discuss the highs and lows of your day and share your thoughts and feelings with a listening ear. 

Remember marriage counseling can help you avoid divorcing and help you rebuild your marriage.