Ever Feel Like Your Spouse Is Such A Baby?

You may have heard the saying "cradle to the grave" attached to physical intimacy.  While that is very true.  We don't always think of childlike temper tantrums as something acceptable in adult love relationships.  Instead we hear things like, "Your acting like a such a baby"....I think that has come out of all of our mouths at one time or another!

We think of childish tantrums as totally unacceptable, right?  No one thinks it's okay to scream in a grocery stores and strip naked in front of guests in our home.  But the more "adult" tantrums still don't have us really exploring why our partner does what they do...we might ask why the heck are you acting like a child?...but we truly believe they are acting irrationally or ridiculously, right?  Mostly because we don't understand why they do what they do.

Well what if science can explain why your spouse sometimes acts like a total baby in your relationship?

There was a youtube sensation (or at least among counselors) by the name of Dr. Ed Tronic.  He studied attachment in parenting and how parental responsiveness, or lack thereof, has a real impact on our children.

When he meets up with Dr. Sue Johnson one of the founders of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy we learn why our spouse seems to pout like a baby.  Watch the video to learn more!