Session Options

1) Traditional (very effective): 1 hour EVERY week-to-week for approx. 15-30 weeks

To be successful you must commit to every week, skipping can be harmful to progress.  This is hour every week until maintenance care and commit to weekly visits.  Maintenance care is when you are ready to come bi-monthly, monthly, and yearly for follow ups.


2) Extended (faster speed)2 hrs for approx. 8-15 weeks, 3 hrs for approx. 5-10 weeks*

hours/week = 8-10 weeks 

hours/week = 5-7 weeks

hours/week = 3-5 weeks


3) Intensives (rapid speed): 10-15 hours in approx. 2-5 days 

consecutive or spread out over 2-3 weeks; 1/2 down non-refundable deposit & 1/2 when you come; or discount if you pay balance in advance

2 day intensive (9AM-5:30PM - 15hrs)

3-5 consecutive days intensive (15 hrs)