Intensive Retreats

Intensive retreats are available for couples to come to Tulsa, OK or Oklahoma City, OK to work with one of our therapists 1-on-1. They are one couple with one therapist as opposed to a group setting.  This option is for those who don't want to spread counseling out over a period of months.

If you would like to complete therapy sooner this option is for you. We help couples from all over the world with this method. There are 1, 2, and 3 day retreats available. We book each day separately based on what's available.

Intensives Together.png

Done Together

Intensive retreats are meant for couples to come together and heal in a condensed format.  Many couples choose to do follow up therapy, coaching, or an online program.  It's not a group setting.  It's one couple and one therapist.

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Located In Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, or Virtual

For these intensives you would either come to our office here in Oklahoma or you can do them virtually from anywhere in the world.

We meet with you one on one, online or in person, and customize the retreat for your specific situation.  You'll specify your preference when you book the retreat in our calendar or over the phone.

You don’t need to leave your kiddos overnight to travel to our intensive retreats. 

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Follow Up Is Available

Many couples choose to do follow up care as 1-on-1 coaching online or in person therapy.  Sometimes couples choose one of virtual online programs as follow up to an intensive.