Intensive Retreats

Intensive retreats are available for one couple at a time.  You can come to our physical location or do them virtually online.  If you choose to come to us we're located in Tulsa, OK or Oklahoma City, OK.  The location depends on the therapist you choose. 

They are one couple with one therapist as opposed to a group setting.  This option is for those who don't want to spread counseling or coaching out over a period of months.

If you would like to complete therapy sooner this option is for you. We help couples from all over the world with this method. There are 1, 2, and 3 day retreats available. We book each day separately based on what's available.

How Is Our Intensive Retreat Different Than Others?

Our intensive retreats are customized and specific to each individual couple's needs.  The master class is pre-recorded and walks you through the steps and stages of the healing process in a general sense. 

Other retreats give you a workbook and put you in a corner, alone or with an ill-qualified non-professional, to fight about your issues or fumble through vague exercises.  

During our retreats you get Brad's full attention the entire time because intensive retreats are held with just one couple for the full 1-3 days. 

What's The Difference Between An Intensive And The Master Class?

The intensive retreat is not a rehash of the master class.  The master class teaches you the important concepts you need to heal and offers you time to work on the concepts.

During the intensive Brad personally helps you to break out of the negative cycles, solve problems, do bonding events, find closure, healing, and more.

The master class relies on you to do it at home.  The intensive retreat Brad personally works with you through all of what you personally need in order to heal.

Intensives allow him to consider your personal situation and adjusts the process for you in real time. 

Which One Should We Do?

Many couples do both the retreat and the master class. 

Sometimes people do a retreat and then do the master class after the retreat to maintain what they've learned during the retreat.  They use the master class like maintenance, instead of, or in addition to virtual coaching or as homework.

Some start with the master class and then come in to work with Brad to solidify what they've learned in the master class and to get over the hurdles they find themselves struggling with during the master class.  

It's entirely up to you how you do it.  Getting started is the most important thing.

Intensives Together.png

Done Together

Intensive retreats are meant for couples to come together and heal in a condensed format.  Many couples choose to do follow up therapy, coaching, or an online program.  It's not a group setting.  It's one couple and one therapist.

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Located In Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, or Virtual

For these intensives you would either come to our office here in Oklahoma or you can do them virtually from anywhere in the world.

We meet with you one on one, online or in person, and customize the retreat for your specific situation.  You'll specify your preference when you book the retreat in our calendar or over the phone.

You don’t need to leave your kiddos overnight to travel to our intensive retreats. 

Follow Up Complete.png

Follow Up Is Available

Many couples choose to do follow up care as 1-on-1 coaching online or in person therapy.  Sometimes couples choose one of virtual online programs as follow up to an intensive.