Does Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

If your insurance covers anything why not go with the's the same deductible

Insurance doesn't normally cover couples counseling.  Why is that?  One guess is it's because you typically have to make a diagnose for insurance to accept the claim...but how do you diagnose a relationship with a mental health issue?

Couples therapists are supposed to treat the relationship not only the two people involved.  Our client is the relationship who knows why the government does anything, right?

Even if insurance did cover marriage counseling, the insurance deductible (the amount you pay before insurance kicks in) will remain the same no matter who you see.  So if the deductible's the same, why not see the best therapist for you?!

At our Tulsa and OKC locations, we offer a few different options: pay as you go, payment plan through PayPal, Health Savings Account payment, & discount advanced pay packages.

If you would like to see if insurance will reimburse you then we can provide an itemized receipt with all the coding you need for reimbursement.

Even if you typically depend on insurance you may want to fully understand how it works.

Diagnosis - When filing insurance, health care providers are required to give a mental health diagnosis that NEVER goes away. This diagnosis follows the patient forever even if the patient doesn’t reveal the information to another provider it is on your record and will be found.  When private pay is used, no diagnosis is required for treatment.

Reporting - There are circumstances that require mental health providers to report treatment plans, diagnoses, and other information ascertaining mental health care.  No one knows you have had mental health services except you and your therapist when pay privately for your marriage counseling services.