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This Woman's Divorce was FINAL IN 3 WEEKS!

I want to sincerely thank you for your advice on how to stop my divorce.  I honestly thought (and was told countless times by my husband, as you saw in counseling), that there was no hope. 

My husband had started dating a girl somewhat seriously and had moved on because I had hurt him too many times.  I was devastated, to say the least, because I had finally realized that the grass was not greener by divorcing, and that I wanted my husband and family back. 

I had done all the wrong things to get him back: begged, pleaded, said I'd change, etc. and that had only pushed him further and further away.  The moment we walked out your door, back in July, I quickly followed the advice you’d given me like my life depended on it (because it did). 

Well, it worked.  It took a few weeks, but things slowly started to turn around, and we are now back together, living together, and have withdrawn the divorce. 

Our marriage has never been stronger, honestly.  We both have changed drastically since the separation, and we have a new and revitalized relationship.  I cannot thank you enough.  What you did for me, for us, has forever impacted our lives and our children's lives.”

Other Clients are Saying:

"At some point you have to deal with things if not they just build and build and build...14 months ago if we had found you, I wouldn't be here where I'm at right now." -J.V. Tulsa

"We were really hopeless until we found Brad. We were going to get a divorce. He helped me get my spouse back." -  C. R. Tulsa

"By the time we found Brad we had already been to 2 other therapist. All they did was just set and lecture us, they didn't really try to understand what was going on in our marriage. Brad got to the core of what was wrong with us." V. M. Bixby

"The fighting in my marriage has evaporated since we started marriage counseling." - N.C. Broken Arrow


"My husband wouldn't talk to me before we started marriage counseling, now he is a hopeless romantic again." - B. W. Owasso


"I've been in counseling many times before and Brad was my favorite therapist. He really cares!" - J.L. Tulsa


"I never thought I would get over my husband cheating on me, but with Brad's help I was able to do just that." - M.M. Jenks


"You can't put a price on the results my marriage has experienced. My marriage has been saved!" - T.S. Tulsa


"I wouldn't trust anybody else with my marriage. I've told all my female friends about how Brad helped my husband feel safe and comfortable with marriage counseling." - S. G. Tulsa