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Are you hurting?  Is your relationship suffering?  If you could save your marriage and your family from the pain of divorce, would you? 

1.  Proven results: our team has helped hundreds of couples successfully navigate their relationship issues even when no one thought it was possible.

2. Save time and money with us.  See results sooner rather than later through weekly, extended sessions, & 2-5 day relationship intensives.  We also offer a 90 Days to Affair Recovery program so you don't have to wait years to find relief.  Our clients see results quickly and travel from around the world to work with us. 


3.  We are Specialists: our team commits 100% of their time to helping couples.  Why go to a "generalist" for something as important as your relationship?

4.  We Have Extensive Training in the best methods for helping couples.  We regularly travel around the country consulting with the top couple therapists in the U.S. and Canada.

5.  We are Unbiased and Man-safe:  our commitment is to individualized care that is considerate of your needs.  We are your relationship advocate.

6. We are sometimes the 3rd and 4th therapist for couples: 30% of our clients have seen a couple's therapist who could not help them before they came to see us. >>>READ MORE>>>

 7. We are the only group private practice in this area of the country that is completely, 100%, devoted to helping couples and individuals with relationship issues.  The closest practice like ours is in Houston, Denver, San Diego, or Ottawa Canada.

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A Letter from the Owners

Being in a difficult marriage or relationship can be hard on us personally. If things are not good between us and our partner we often feel alone, hurt and sad.

Sometimes we fight about everything and can't stop fighting about unimportant stuff or we feel like we are always being ignored by our partner. We want to have what we had early on in our relationship.

Your situation is never hopeless, even if only one of you wants to work on it. We've worked with couples and individuals who've seen dramatic turn arounds. These were couples that may be just like you, in situations very similar to the one you're in. 

We've posted on our testimonials page some of the more dramatic turn arounds we've had to let you know its never over. For some of you reading this your situation isn't this bad yet, and for others of you, you are living in a nightmare. So check those out, I think you'll find you've come to the right place. Our approach is non-judgmental. You should start experiencing improvements early on that let you know we are on the right track to improving your marriage.

Brad Robinson, LMFT/CEO & Morgan Robinson, COO

Marriage Solutions - Tulsa OK


If You Have Experienced Infidelity You Understand the Pain.  Brad is Quickly Becoming a Leading Expert in Affair Recovery!  Listen to 5 minutes of his hour long Expert Interview Here:


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Marriage Solutions

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