Is Weekly Counseling Right For You? 

Let's look at some of the common questions about weekly counseling:

Q: How is weekly counseling helpful versus anything else?

A: Weekly counseling is helpful as long as it's with the right counseling methods and with a qualified and skilled therapist.  Weekly counseling poses a challenge if you do not commit to coming every week consistently.  If you think you may struggle with the consistent week-to-week schedule then seriously consider the intensive retreat option.

Q: Which is better weekly counseling or a retreat?

A: The more time you can be focused on the relationship in a setting the further you'll get and faster you'll complete therapy.  Because of this, retreats are better because of the condensed nature of the session.  However, weekly counseling with the right therapist and model is a very good choice as well.

Q: Can we do couples therapy over the phone or Skype?

A: No.  The reason it does not work is because the therapist cannot possibly get the full picture and help you completely over the phone.  Here is what we miss out on over the phone:

  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • If you begin to fight the therapist can't slow you down as effectively (nobody wants to pay for something they can do on their own, right?)
  • They can't tell if someone is withholding the truth as easily
  • Its much harder to detect the indicators that a spouse is truly done with the relationship
  • It's much more difficult to interject with exercises that help in the moment
  • Those are just a few reasons...

If you believe weekly counseling may be right for you, complete the online orientation form today. We have locations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.