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How To Transform Your Marriage When You're Alone

If you're struggling to get the relationship back because your partner is checked out this program is for you.  You're still together technically, and there's no divorce in play, but you need to do something to get the relationship to a healthy place.

Stop My Divorce, Ruin Their Affair Online Course

Stop Your Divorce, Ruin Their Affair

This program is for individuals where their spouse has filed for divorce or left for the affair partner.  They are checked out AND have left.  You need to know what you can do to move forward and possibly get your spouse back.


Should You Do A Lie Detector Test?

This mini program is all about how to choose a lie detector test wisely.  You don't want to waste your time or money on something that won't get you answers and leaves you just as lost as before.


Healing Conversations Blueprint

This program teaches you all about how to have a healing conversation.  It can be so hard to have a reasonable conversation when things have been bad for a while.  It can be even hard to talk about counseling.  This program will help you do that.