Should You & Your Partner Do An Intensive Retreat?

Retreats are very effective and can transform your relationship in the shortest amount of time.  Here is what you need to know about our intensive marriage retreats.

Q: Who does a retreat work for?

A:  All couples who want to work on the relationship and improve communication, trust, and intimacy.  And those who want to completely recover after infidelity or another relationship stressor.

Q: Are retreats just as effective as traditional marriage counseling?

A: It's more effective than traditional marriage counseling.  You fix your issues fast and nearly forever.  Retreats take the spark that's between you and re-ignites it like you've never thought possible.

Q: What happens after the retreat?

A: The short answer is we take care of you.  The longer answer is you will have a different relationship after the retreat so many people don't need anything after working with Brad.  However, we do offer a Marriage Ignite Masterclass online to help you keep up your progress.  It's 6 weeks in length and you get a 50% discount because you completed the retreat.

Q: Are the retreats 1-on-1 or in a group?

A: These retreats are one couple and one therapist.

Q: How long are the retreats?

A: Our retreats are 1-3 days in length.  

Q: Where are the retreats located?

A:  Retreats are held in our Tulsa, OK or Oklahoma City, OK offices.  Or you can choose a destination retreat in Florida or Cancun, MX. 

Q: When are the retreats held?

A:  Retreats are held all year long Monday-Saturday excluding some major holidays.  The schedule varies based on Brad's availability.  

Q: How do I schedule my retreat?

A:  Watch the orientation videos and then you'll have access to the calendar to book your retreat.  Or you can call our office at 918-281-6060. 

Q: How much does a retreat cost?

A: It varies based on the length of the retreat and the day of the week.  Complete the orientation by clicking the link below and we will tell you all about the payment options available or call the office.

Q: How Effective Are Your Intensive Retreats?

A: There has been extensive research findings published on the effectiveness on the retreats we do.  One study was of a group of 12 couples.  They each did 13-13.5 hour retreats typically spread out over 2-5 days. Of the participating couples, all but one stopped their impending divorce. All couples reached de-escalation. De-escalation means they were able to stop arguments and recover after conflict on their own with a greater sense of closeness. They could discuss issues without struggle and felt close emotionally.  

If you have questions you can feel free to contact us directly or view our FAQ's and Resources page. We also have a blog section that includes helpful articles.