Have You Been Ripped Apart By An Affair?

Are You Sad, Depressed, or Angry the Affair Has Stolen Your Life?  Do You Stay Awake at Night?

At Marriage Solutions, we have locations in Tulsa and OKC so no matter where you live, you can find the help that you need.  

You may believe that your relationship is beyond saving or what you’ve done is beyond forgiveness.  If you’re the betrayed partner you may believe that you will hurt forever and you’ll never look at your partner the same again.  

While you won’t ever forget what happened and the pain does last a little while, your relationship is NOT beyond saving.  Don’t get me wrong, we won’t string you along and have you give your hopes up.

We won’t lie to you and tell you every couple decides to work it out.  But we can tell you that we have successfully helped hundreds of couples completely heal their relationship in a little as 12 weeks.

Your wounds don’t have to bleed for years and you don’t have to put a bandaid on it either.  You can completely recover and restore the happiness you deserve in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of discomfort possible.

But the trick is trusting the experts.  Don’t waste time or money on second rate care.  You deserve better.

Marriage Solutions is dedicated 100% to helping couples and individuals with relationship issues.  We have a particular expertise in Affair Recovery.  We have spent many years researching and training with the very best doctors in relationship recovery, including but not limited to, Dr. Sue Johnson and Drs. John and Julie Gottman.  We have taken the most successful and proven methods and have combined them to create our unique approach to affair recovery.


Can Marriage Counseling Help Couples Recover After Betrayal?

Yes! Research has shown couples who come to marriage counseling because of adultery make the highest gains in marriage counseling over a 6 month period. That is very good news for you!  This means that on average couples who come in to counseling because of an affair do the very best in marriage counseling.  It is likely because couples realize they are need of help, whereas, the average couple typically underplays their issues until it blows up in their face.  LEARN HOW YOU CAN MAKE IT>>>


Who Typically has an Affair?

1. Men ages 55-65 and women 40-45 who are entering the workforce. 

2. Individuals making more than $30,000 a year. 

3. Having higher income, higher social status and more travel opportunities. 

4. Being religious is not a buffer. 


How Do Most Affairs Start? (It's not what you think): 

One partner avoids conflict and doesn't like to share negative feelings, because he/she believes it will only start conflict. When these negative feelings have been sidestepped it creates emotional distance, and can cause one or both partners to feel lonely. Emotional distance or feeling lonely is a vacuum that needs to be filled. Affairs start when one partner can't confide in their spouse. So they confide in someone else, and as a result emotional intimacy develops and that intimacy leads to physical intimacy. Marriage counseling can help you rebuild the trust you need to make your relationship whole again.  Could this be you?  Learn more here >>>


How Happily Married People Make their Marriage Vulnerable to Infidelity:

Problems start when coworkers or friends form secret emotional attachments to each other by crossing small boundaries that are needed to protect their marriages. There are problems when a coworker or friend knows more about your marriage than your spouse knows about your friendship. That secrecy has opened up a window of intimacy that is very destructive to your marriage. Remember emotional intimacy leads to physical intimacy. Very few married people believe what they are doing will lead to adultery, but it can. Marriage counseling can help you and your spouse set and develop healthy boundaries for your marriage. 

Some good marriages are also prone to affairs, usually when one partner grew up in a home or works in an environment where it is normal or viewed as okay to cheat. 

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